Daily Archives: March 24, 2015 UTC

“Sit down and study”- No! Don’t feel like “Wanna party??”-I’ll be ready in 2!! Party is the favorite word we all have in our dictionary. We may not know about what is currently happening around us but we all will know about the  latest party hubs. Call us nerdy, give […]

Party freaks!!

    In the heat of rushing forward with the masses, somewhere along the line we have lost the time and the urge to stop and appreciate the finer things in life! We so want to be counted among the hip and the happening that we have made music and […]

Art for God’s sake!!

  We all have someone we idealize, someone we blindly follow, someone we try to emulate in front of the mirror in the privacy of our bedrooms. That someone might be a famous actor, rockstar, comedian, director, poet, or even an artist. There’s no fixed criteria as to whom we […]

Be the stalker you were meant to be!!! ;)

The famous quote by William Shakespeare compares the world with a stage and all of us mere players who play their part each day as a different character. Your characters are defined and so are the roles of all the others but it is always a great pleasure to watch […]

Theatre-The world stage!!