Be the stalker you were meant to be!!! ;)



We all have someone we idealize, someone we blindly follow, someone we try to emulate in front of the mirror in the privacy of our bedrooms. That someone might be a famous actor, rockstar, comedian, director, poet, or even an artist. There’s no fixed criteria as to whom we love, to what degree and to what level of craziness. There simply are certain people who do so exceptionally well in their fields that we just can’t help but admire them and add to their fan following!


Nearify allows you to stalk your favorite celebs with the gusto they deserve. You can choose to “Follow” your idol from amongst the hundreds and thousands of artists listed in the Nearify website/app. Artists belonging to diverse fields and varied aspects of art and culture have been brought together for you to take your pick from. There are rockstars, opera singers, classical maestros, DJs, actors, stand-up comedians, and others you can follow.


Once you follow someone, he/she will be listed under the “Artists” tab in your app. Whatever location you select now, your favorite artists (the ones you are following) will always be there. You can tap on the artist to know whether he/she will be performing there any time soon.


Just follow the celebrity of your choice on Nearify so as to always know where and when they are performing and become the stalker you were meant to be!! ;)