Ad-Venture into your lives!!

“My life has become so boring, I need some adventure.” :(

“Please please lets plan some adventure” :)

This is the daily conversation starter for many of us out there. We all need some adventure in our lives. It is a very unusual experience for all of us but at the same time it is something we all would love to experience. The very thought of flying in the sky without wings or sailing in the sea, or going deep inside water and experience the marine eye with open eyes gives you butterflies in the stomach. At Least it does to me!!!

Everyday there are some or the other adventurous activities happening in and around your city which you may not be aware of. So here again your very own app-Nearify has made all possible attempts to let you have butterflies in your stomach with a breath-taking list of adventurous activites.

Its very simple, just visit the Nearify website ( or download the Nearify  app. Select your location and choose the category as ADVENTURE. Its done! Allow Nearify to become your adventure guide wherever you are.

So, begin your journey full of adventures with Nearify.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.-Amelia Earhart