Bon voyage!!!

Everyone loves to travel when they get the time to but planning a travel takes more time than actually going on one. Choosing a destination of your choice is harder when everyone has different views in where they want to go. Going to a new place is a lot more than just spending time there, it is more about attending different events happening. Every time you travel you do not make only new friends but you make great memories that stay with you throughout your lifetime. Every memory has a value that cannot be traded for anything in the world. When you explore something you get to know everything about it that you cannot find on a website or in a travel guide.

Travelling is a lot about getting to know new people at new places, exploring cultures and experimenting with everything unusual. But it can be sometimes pretty boring to visit a new place and not knowing what to do, where to go, what events or what events to attend.  The simple answer to all these questions is Nearify. Your very own app Nearify has a list of awesome events happening all around you. 

It’s simple. Just log into the Nearify website ( or download the Nearify app. Select your location and choose date from the calendar. Select Tourism as the category and get going. Nearify also has a list of adventurous activities to add to your tourism exploring. You can also view some of the great and interesting events happening all across the globe. 

Enjoy to the fullest with Nearify wherever you are!!!