It’s summer time and running to the beaches is on the top of our to-do list. Its one of the most tedious task to work out and get that perfect beach body and on top of it to resist heavy snacks and beer is almost a big no-no. In-short is it out of question to stay fit and maintain that perfect body which everyone is jealous of.

We all know about fitness but how many of us actually follow a proper workout plan, daily balanced diet and all the other things to keep ourselves fit and active. Fitness is the process by which you practice,exercise and repeat the same daily so as to not only achieve a good body but a sharp mind as well.

Each day we have a series of events catering to fitness and well-being happening in and around us and unknowingly we miss out on most of them. Hence to not miss any event related to anything Nearify, your events directory has tracked down all fitness related events happening all across the world. To know about all these events all you require is a smartphone and internet connectivity.

Simply log in to the Nearify website ( or download the Nearify app. Select your location manually or allow to detect your location. Choose the date and search ‘Fitness’ in the search bar. Select the best event for you from the most awesome list of fitness and other related events lined-up for you and your entertainment. :) :)

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.-Jim Rohn