Clock strikes 8 we are on a move till 9 in the night. No time to think about what’s happening around us. No time to look outside the window and admire how beautiful things are. Ever wondered what are we doing  to our lives, how can we possibly balance life and adventure??

Not all of us are as boring as we are. Most people see life from a different perspective and for them it is all about exploring and admiring the earth and its beauty. They wish to experience anything and everything outside the window as they firmly believe ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara’!!! :) :)

For all those who wish to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Mother earth there is a huge list of adventurous activities lined up with Nearify. From trekking to cycling to water sports to motor-cycling to the best of the best adventure activities for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest and for those who are happy just looking outside the windows, not much can be said and done.

To know about all the adventure events with Nearify all you need to do is log in to the Nearify website (www.nearify.com) or download the Nearify app. Select your location manually or allow Nearify to detect it. Choose the date and select ‘Adventure’ as the category and view the most awesome list of events Nearify has in store for you.

Keep exploring and keep discovering. :) :) :) :)