I Like to Move It Move It!!!

There are some tunes to which we just can’t help but dance. Some tunes which have you swaying around with the music, some tunes which have you tapping your feet to the beat, and then there are some which simply make you want to get off your seats and start dancing (perhaps even like crazy).
No matter where you are, at work busily working about on laptops or home doing chores, there is always this spring to the step when music is on.

Some people feel it more so than others when it comes to dancing, wherein they just can’t help but start choreographing whole dance routines in their heads, who feel like just breaking free and letting the body express the music and the mood through dance. They can simply close their eyes and picture the whole scene unfolding right before them. I tell you, these are the kind that would prefer having a big wall mirror and lots of space where they can simply lose themselves in the music and the bodily expression of it.

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