Festival Food!!

Food…Oh Food!!! Oh you are the most amazing thing on this planet.

We all love food. It is one of those things we can’t live without. Some people are so foodie that they want to eat anything and everything that exists on earth. Interestingly, it is believed that certain food habits describe what sort of a person we are (ooppss, how would I be described if this is the criteria :P ). As humans we have evolved, our food has also come a long way and has been modified as per the changing times. Some food is universal ( It’s Maggie for me :) ), and some are region based. (We all know this much and a lot more about food :P )

If or not you are a food lover, food festivals are an extreme delight for every foodie. Food festivals are those one stop destination where you can find all your favorite. The idea behind such festivals is to allow people have a taste of amazing delicacies from all across different places. But how do you know about all the awesome food festivals happening around. Nearify is there to solve all your events related queries. Nearify is that one events guide that helps you locate all happenings across the world.

Top three food festivals happening this month in and around The National Capital Region are:

  • The Gourmet High Street: 4-6 December,2015: A festival celebrating awesome food. This festival gives all food¬†lovers an exceptional chance to understand, know & experience great food and at the same time interact with the leading food connoisseurs and chefs from India and across the world. Live barbecues, food stalls, restaurant corners and food studios by some of the top class chefs is more of an attraction in this festival. Get to know all the other details about this festival on the Nearify link-http://www.nearify.com/event/the-gourmet-high-street/36149417a2a
  • Street Food Festival: 11-13 December, 2015: We can’t stop ourselves when it is our favorite street food calling us (I can never ditch the golgappas, tikkis, pao bhaji andddddddd….. :P ). So the most amazing and the most succulent street food festival is here for you to never miss your favorite street food. Know the other details about this festival on Nearify-http://www.nearify.com/event/street-food-festival-new-delhi/31894570a2a
  • The Grub Fest-Weekend: 11-13 December, 2015: Enjoy some of the most amazing signature dishes of the most famous brands. Know all the other details on Nearify-http://www.nearify.com/event/the-grub-fest-weekend/36149418a2a

So get ready to enjoy a fun & food filled weekend with the most amazing festivals lined up for you to enjoy. To know about the events lined up on Nearify, simply log in to the Nearify website (www.nearify.com) or download the Nearify app.

Happy feasting :) :)