Bright and Cold

With the start of the much awaited (at least by me) “Winters”, all that we have been imagining and wanting to experience in this beautiful season is here.
Oh what fun it is to feel the freezing winds on our cheek and be warmed by the soft glow of the millions of festive lights strung around everywhere. To walk about with your close ones huddled closer to keep the chill away all the while laughing and enjoying. To walk along the stores lined up with delicate somethings and homes decorated beautifully for the upcoming holiday season.
Hoards of families out on the streets with all there careless whisperings adding to the merriment. And lots of places to be :D
Now you can make the best of this season and enjoy it to your fullest with you near and dear ones.
When it comes to this season really, the outdoors seem more fun than ever. Great theater plays going on around the town, simply splendid musical concerts happening everywhere, comedy performances to tickle you and not to forget all the parties around every corner. Winter carnivals, ice skating, fundraising galas and who can forget the great secret Santa and Hanukkah and gift exchanging and all the fun bashes.
Nearify is here to bring near all the fun to you and your family, to help you find the most awesome and fun-filled events happening all around you. All you need to do is download the Nearify app or you can simply visit the website and be ready to be amazed to know what all you can do this festive season and how well you can spend this time with your family and close ones.
Happy Holidays to you.

Festive Lights