18th December-UgLy SwEaTeR it is!!!!

Ohhh…that’s the most ugliest sweater I have. I’ll rather throw it. :P

No no no no…it’s time for UGLY SWEATER.

Throwing away your ugly sweaters is old fashioned. The new generation says, save it for the most amazing National Ugly Sweater Day. Falling every third Friday of December, Ugly sweater has become an international event with time. Interestingly this festival does not hold any historical significance yet it is celebrated with much zest and enthusiasm (why not, when you get to show off the most ugliest sweaters, why not to be excited?). Falling the festive season, your entertainment and excitement goes a level up when you can get to see a bunch of known and unknown people dressed up in their most ugliest sweaters. So all those ugly ones which had been tucked away long back wait for this auspicious *like really auspicious* day for someone to appreciate them.

National Ugly sweater day, to be celebrated on 18th December, 2015 is not only a festival of entertainment and enjoyment, it is also a day wherein you can donate some of those not so used masterpiece sweaters so that it could be used by someone at least. Other than donations and social causes attached with this day, there is the whole list of amazing events happening all across the world. From party to musical concerts to get-together to feasts to buffets to lunches to dinners to outings to charity shows to carnivals to a lot more. All you need to do is know about these happenings and then the rest is enjoyment.

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Dig in your wardrobe and take out the most funniest and the ugliest sweaters to enjoy this joyously tacky day. For all the events related doubts Nearify is at your rescue. Look the best with your most ill favored sweaters this festive season. *woww…I wish this event was celebrated every month :P :P*

Have Fun!!!!