For the best time of the year is here. Yaaaayyyy ITS CHRISTMAS!!

The chill of the winter season, the merry sound of bells ringing, the red color all around, the delicious cakes and chocolates, the eagerly wait for Mr. Santa, the never-ending list of demands, the festival of Christmas is here. As we all know about this this festival is that 25th December is an annual festival marking the birth of Jesus Christ is a religious and cultural celebration all across the world. *the best part is the Christmas gift….:P*.

The stage is set, weather has been set right, Mr. Santa is on his way with our gifts *ohhh…how well do we all know who Santa Clause is :P* *but we all love our gifts*, we’ve all made our wishes, our Christmas trees have been decorated, bells are ringing, Christmas carols are being sung, our stockings are full of goodies, and we are all set to celebrate this refreshing festival in the best of spirits. *Also its a longg weekend also…so enjoy even more*.

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So people, take out the best of the red dresses you have, wait for your Christmas gift and enjoy.

Merry Christmas :) :)