Winter Weekend : Day 1

Wake up in the morning for a steaming cup of tea. Get ready. Enjoy the beautiful ride to a class of morning yoga. The cool pacifying winds, serenity of the woods and the gently warming sun on your back make for a perfect day starter to make you all cool, calm and relaxed, leaving all the worries of the past week to get rejuvenated over the weekend for the new week to come.

To satiate those morning hunger pangs and to chart out the day’s wonderful course, make your way to a healthy and sophisticated nice little brunch (Sun-kissed of course).

Some quick preparations for the evening and then a restful nap in the Sun. Only to wake up to an energetic dance/zumba class to keep you warm in those chilly evenings and to refresh you for the dinner party to come. All glammed up to become the life of the party, there’s nothing to stop you from ending this day on a perfect note.

You can do all this with a little help from your go to guide, the Nearify app. Your one stop destination to plan those perfect weekend you soo… long to have. All you have to do is download the Nearify app or you can visit the website and be ready to discover all that you have always been wanting.

Make your Saturdays Purrfect

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