Tiny Resolutions.

Now with the new year having started with its full earnest and the holiday season being over, we all start going back to all those old beaten up and weary routines, and somewhere along these routines we tend to waive off all those life changing new year resolutions. They are all but forgotten.
But did someone pledge this year to make this year and the many more to come to be happier and more full of life?!

Don’t we always do the same…Are New Year Resolutions made only to forget, or to actually change our lives for the better…

I say, instead of putting out big words at the very beginning of the year and then not following them, let’s make few small resolutions every month :)
For instance, what would be the perfect little resolution for this time of the year when work begins full force and all the holidays are behind us… has the merriment really been left behind??? Or can it still continue???

Of course it can.
Make a tiny resolution to take time out to give yourself those little windows of relaxation and laughter and bliss. Take an evening out here and there to meet up with friends, renew acquaintances, an outing with your loved ones. There can never be a better time to live happily than in the present.

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