Shaastra 2016!!!

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is among the top higher education institutes in India. Spread across the country, the set of institutes keep coming up with some or the other ground-breaking ways of showcasing and highlighting the talent of the youth all across the country. IIT Madras is one of the strongest branches of the tree named IIT. A foremost educational institutes nurturing great young and inventive talents from all across the country.

Every year hundreds and thousands of talented youth of IIT Madras, put up the most amazing show by the name of Shaastra, a technical fest of its kind held annually to bring out the hidden talent among the youth. Interestingly it it the first ISO certified festival of its kind held annually at IIT Madras campus.

Returning in its 17th edition, Shaastra is one amazing blend of innovation, ideas, competition, knowledge and learning that has acquired a hallmark status over the years. This year beginning from January 23rd to January 26th, 2016, Shaastra aims to nurture the talented lot of our country.

So mark your calendars and be prepared for a wave of professional shows, competitions, lectures, workshops and many more innovative events lined up at Shaastra. The happenings at Shaastra are back with lot more innovation and creativity. With some new and exciting competitions it’s time to enjoy several new acts solely crafted by the students. Alongside, Hand in hand, a group of international techno-artists are all set to perform some mind-blowing acts. Other attractions at Shaastra include-Aeromodelling, competitions, innovative workshops designed both as a challenge as well as entertainment. Also some of the pioneers of technology from across the globe shall be sharing their views on the latest technological happenings across the world.

Shaastra 2016 shall also be celebrating the Makers Movement and the message behind the same providing students a stage for learning, networking and sharing their ideas with the world.

Get ready to for an exchange of new ideas from some of the brightest minds from across the country in a period of 4 days. You can track all the happenings on Nearify, your events guide. Simply log in to or download the Nearify app to know about all the events taking place at Shasstra.

Get ready for innovation at its best @Shaastra 2016.