Little Bundles of JOY!!!

There comes a time in our lives, when the laughter of an other means more than all the happiness this world can furnish. A time, when the sound of little footsteps can bring a big genuine smile on our faces. A time, when tiny colored hand marks on the wall and floor (along with the obvious exasperation) make us think of the little someone running around reigning havoc in your pristinely maintained home. And whatever scoldings and anger we might have reserved for their misdoings just melts away at their single smile or act of cuteness.

Watching them learn their way around things, crawling and stumbling and then getting up, all the while sporting that innocently sweet smile of theirs, is almost like a mirror reflecting our own childhood, making us feel young and full of life!!!

Indeed, there can be no greater joy than watching them grow. But the time really does fly by and before we realise they are all grown up, ready to start their own lives in their own way. Best make the most of the little time we have, watching them, nurturing them and giving them all the possible means to make a great start.

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