Change is Different…

but good.

No matter how much I try to show that I am not one of those typical girls, Shopping always gets me caught!!!

And no matter whatever my mood is, it so fun a thing for me , shopping that is, that it can instantly turn my mood around.

Whew!! that confession was really difficult for me to make, but now can I share what I was going to.

Spring is almost upon us and there are a lot of things going around in my head and one of them is definitely shopping. Got to renew my wardrobe, throw out the old (It’s not really necessary, you can give it away as well, definitely a more noble thing to do) and bring in the new.

It’s almost like an obsession . Browsing through clothes, imagining the perfect outfit and creating those outfits for the future plans. Almost makes my day and many more to come.

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Spring Fashion

Nothing can be more Perfect!