It Was all Yellow

A few days back it happened to me. I was sitting by the window sill after it had freshly rained. The leaves were all green and yellow when the sun came out. The clouds started to part and suddenly it started to drizzle again. A light one with a thousand droplets reflecting the stray sun-ray. I can tell you through and through, that that moment got added to my pretty little box of memories.

The sudden realization made me truly understand what all I had been missing.

No more missing out on things for me anymore. There are so many parts of me that do not get the attention they rightfully should. The traveler, The Camper, The Foodie, The Fun-freak, The Artist, The photographer, The Musicist , The Dancer, The Shopper, The fashion designer,The Fitness freak (easy way out), The spiritualist and I don’t know how many more.

Thankfully I know just the place, where I can find a means to reach somewhere closer . :) Nearify, an awesome app where in you can find pretty much every kind of event that suits your mood the best, helps.

Stop missing out!

Zen Out!


Oh I almost forgot about the audio effect that pitter patter of rain on yellowed leaves caused.

Maybe some other time.

Now Zen Out!