Each day we wait for the weekend & each weekend we wait for another, and another and this wait circle continues. Entering weekend we begin to think of new places to explore, a place where we can chill, concentrate on our own selves, and if required spend some good time with our loved one. Every place is a delight if there is nice ambiance, good music, company of your friends and if the board hanging on the door says *Happy Hour*. There has been a constant consensus on the fact that we do not need a reason to party, anything from a simple result declaration to the biggest achievement of our life, any occasion calls for a celebration. Interestingly, most parties happen without a reason. Also parties are always incomplete without drinks, music and dance.

A wise man once said, enjoy like there is no tomorrow. Every happening in life calls for a celebration and if you are able to celebrate upon the negatives, that’s life. Do not sit back and cry upon what has happened, just think about how to make it a reason to enjoy. Remember, we all have a single life, do not waste it upon something not worth.

As far as this generation is concerned we do not need anything specific to party, any place or any evening can be beautifully transformed to party. But if you wish to know about the most amazing parties happening around you, Nearify is the ultimate solution. Nearify is an app beautifully designed in order for you to know about the best of the best happenings around you. Choose from the never ending list of events and enjoy every day to the fullest.

Again not much is required, simply log on to or download the Nearify app. Select your location or allow Nearify to detect it. Choose your favorite categories and stay updated with all the happenings in your city. #missinganeventisnotanoption. #Nearify.

Happy Discovery.

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