Alliance 2016 – Theatre Festival

William Shakespeare the Poet, English Playwright and actor is considered one of the greatest English writers of all time. In his short career span he had written approximately 38 plays which have been adapted over the years in various forms by numerous productions and are still celebrated widely.

Now, Prism Theatre Society and Harfkar Foundation have collaborated together to bring the Alliance 2016 Theatre Festival, from 22nd April 2016 to 24 April 2016, celebrating Shakespeare’s legacy. Recreating the Shakespearean era with a touch of Indian-ism would be presented six adaptations of some of his greatest works including Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice.

So come join in the festivities with many more Shakespeare fanatics and enjoy the plays. :)

Catch all the details of the plays on Nearify.

22nd April 2016

23rd April 2016

24th April 2016
Jaisa Tum Kaho
Lal Qile Ka Aakhri Mushaira

Alliance 2016