Make A Wish…

Yesterday, it happened so, that after a very very long time I was on a terrace with some friends. We were all catching up and stuff, when someone introduced an app, through which one can point their phone cameras in the direction of the sky and the app will show you all the celestial bodies in that direction. It was really cool doing that. But the sad part was that in actuality we could see very little in the sky, owing to the pollution in the city.

While people started complaining about the deteriorating life in the cities, my mind, tuning everything out, wandered to a far off time. A time when I was of an age when things were simpler. Me and my Family had gone then, to a hill station named Kausani, in Uttarakhand. It was a BEAUTIFUL place. One of the lesser visited places, Kausani has a very less population. I remember not seeing more than eight families or so. It was a peaceful place, where you can go for lovely walks along the winding trails, go bird-watching in the morning, embrace the warm and picturesque sunrise and the cool winds.

We had also gone for night walks and it was in those night walks that I had seen so many at once. Stars. All the pictures of stars in the night sky I had seen, seemed to come true. The sky was bright with the millions and millions of the star that could be seen from horizon to horizon. My dad informed me it was because we were so high up, 1890 m to be exact. I did not know what to make of this information. I was completely wonder-struck and could not tear away my gaze from all the twinkling mesmerization. You know what, being surrounded by that kind of a scene has the effect of transporting one to a completely different and amazingly enchanting world. Everything seemed so magical.

Coming back to the present, I realized, even though having had that beautiful experience I have never chanced upon a shooting star as of yet. Well, now my mind is made. My next trip is going to be focused on stargazing. And who knows maybe perhaps my wish might come true. :)

Make a Wish 2