Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Days of incessant sunshine and heat followed by a brief respite of a shower, if you are lucky! However there is something special about summers. After all this is the season when the much vaulted summer break comes around. For those in school and college, the coming months are associated with lazy mornings and lazier afternoons! Doesn’t that sound enticing? It certainly does to me! How I wish I had never joined the real world. Sigh!


Unfortunately, the sad reality is that within a week the monotony replaces the excitement. As creatures of variety we need something to engage us! Soon Game of thrones reruns too will lose their charm. As someone who dreads inactivity, this is a sobering thought. However fear not! Download Nearify (Android/iOS) and experience all the events around you. Imagine having all the choices , the world has to offer ,at your finger tips. Don’t you dare tell me magic does not exist!


So this weekend make memories that will last a lifetime. And just because we are awesome we have come up with a list of things to do this weekend, some truly ‘Hatke’ ones:


  • Celebrate the International Jazz day at Piano Jazz Man Club to listen to some awe inspiring Jazz Music. Move over Honey Singh, Hello Louis Armstrong.
  • In the mood for some rib tickling comedy? Head over to Connaught place for Comedy Nights at Hybrid. Not only do you wish away Monday blues, you also get a FREE BEER. Seriously, what are you waiting for?
  • Want to pick up a new hobby? Why not learn a Brazilian martial arts form, Capoeira? May be it will finally help you achieve the ‘6 pack’. If not at least you have a solid reason to go to Brazil!
  • As Dilliwallahs, nothing is more important than food. Why not reward your taste buds with a perfect combination of French and Japanese cuisines? Check out Tokyo Mon Amour at Guppy. Certainly a must visit!
  • Manchester United supporters; we know this hasn’t been a good season. But the champions elect –Leicester city (!!!) -are coming to town. The least we can do is ensure their party is postponed by a week! Make sure you go to Café Dalal street to support the boys in red!

At Nearify we endeavour to make sure life never gets repetitive. This is what motivates us to go that extra mile. So this weekend, get off the couch. You’ll be amazed what the Universe has in store for you!