And it’s here again, none other than the weekend *not that it’s something new, but definitely the term weekend in itself gives that uff feeling to everyone out there*. The time of the week which needs the most planning and the least effort to do what we ‘actually’ wish doing. Sleeping without the alarm clock, no early breakfast, no catching the public transport, in short be the most comfortable self. *wowww*

But but but sitting at home doing nothing on a Saturday night is not less than a sin….and you don’t wish to think about what could you have done on that amazing Saturday night…just imagine. So here’s a list of the best venues around Delhi with some of the most amazing events lined up for this weekend. Nearify, your events guide has listed up the best of the happenings in town. You can also book tickets to the event you wish to attend on Nearify *for all you girls out there most events are free for you* *would you miss it for anything*?

Checkout the list below and for more simply log in to or download the Nearify app

TabulaBeach Cafe : An open air venue for the most amazing ‘on the beach’ experience. With the spring of Retro Beach to Ladies Fun events, TabulaBeach is all set to tickle your bones with best entertainment.

India International Center : For all those not so party freaks, IIC offers some vibrant theater shows, movies and many other events that just demands you to relax and enjoy.

KittySu : For the ‘sophisticated’ lot out there, some luxurious happenings in this lined up for the weekend at KittySu. With top DJ’s playing the night away, you can’t stop but dance all your worries away and fill your social networks with the most sassy pictures….a little oomph quotient is the mandatory thing for the weekend.

Raasta : Twist your road to entertainment and pick up the Raasta way with a less of thinking and more of fun. Hop onto Raasta this Saturday night for some unlimited dancing and enjoyment. *Super like display pictures alert already*.

Social : Socialize the most non social way. Swing the Saturday night with dancing to your favorite beats at the most happening place Social. *who knows you might catch an eye with someone* :) :)

Checkout the whole list of events happening in Delhi this weekend below. Book tickets to your favorite show also on Nearify:

Get on to the hang-over weekend with a breath-taking list of events lined up on NEARIFY, coz Fun and Entertainment never stops and weekends are meant to be mischievous. :P :P