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Alliance 2016
William Shakespeare the Poet, English Playwright and actor is considered one of the greatest English writers of all time. In his short career span he had written approximately 38 plays which have been adapted over the years in various forms by numerous productions and are still celebrated widely. Now, Prism […]

Alliance 2016 – Theatre Festival

New Year
Make this New Year a happening one that brings a smile when the time comes to remember it with fondness.

Party On!!!

The most precious time of the year is back here again whereupon we can decorate every pristine little memory with laughter, love and caring...


Festive Lights
Oh what fun it is to feel the freezing winds on our cheek and be warmed by the soft glow of the millions of festive lights strung around everywhere. To walk about with your close ones huddled closer to keep the chill away all the while laughing and enjoying. To walk along the stores lined up with delicate somethings and homes decorated beautifully for the upcoming holiday season.

Bright and Cold

There are some tunes to which we just can't help but dance. Some tunes which have you swaying around with the music, some tunes which have you tapping your feet to the beat, and then there are some which simply make you want to get off your seats and start dancing (perhaps even like crazy).

I Like to Move It Move It!!!

fashion photography 2
Perfectionism is something we few try to achieve. Be it in any aspect. And some people, more so than others, have the urge to figure out the perfect ensemble. They have this habit of picturing the look, the complete look, and they will twist and tweak things till it all comes together and every element is there for a reason.

Chin up!

winter sunrise
Chilly winter mornings when you can you go out in your balconies and enjoy a steaming cup of morning tea or coffee and just get lost in the beautiful winter sunrise !! :D


Calming sound of the Rustling of leaves. Comfortable winds blowing the hair out of your face. Fresh clean air to breath and crisp greenery in all direction to feast your eyes on. All these conditions make it a perfect time to go out on trekking or hiking trips.


To all those who sit back and enjoy those cooking shows (and wish you had all that food right in front of you). To all those who are ready to go far and wide just to get a taste of that much raved about dish. For all those who like to experiment with their food and want to know how to create your favorite recipes to satiate your taste buds.To all those who ,once get a phantom whiff or taste of a dish, just cannot get their minds off it, unless they have had it. To all those with all those cravings. There is a solution.


With the day in day out working schedule, life can, at times, become truly mundane. In the hectic daily routine, we all get so engrossed with our work that we somehow lose out on the good things in life. Let’s get up and say no to losing out on the […]

SING The Inner YOU Out!!