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Surprised?? Well, health is wealth, isn’t it? In fact, it’s the biggest wealth out there! You might have billions in your bank accounts, but what good will that money do if you die of obesity or high blood pressure or heart failure or other such ailment resulting from our increasingly […]

Nearify helps you earn!!!

Being a parent is much more than just giving birth to a baby. It’s the biggest responsibility out there and needs to be realised as such. Your baby is totally dependent on you to provide him/her with the best possible grooming. A baby needs to be nurtured, to be taught […]

Find funtabulous events for your kids on Nearify- we kid you not!!

    In the heat of rushing forward with the masses, somewhere along the line we have lost the time and the urge to stop and appreciate the finer things in life! We so want to be counted among the hip and the happening that we have made music and […]

Art for God’s sake!!

  We all have someone we idealize, someone we blindly follow, someone we try to emulate in front of the mirror in the privacy of our bedrooms. That someone might be a famous actor, rockstar, comedian, director, poet, or even an artist. There’s no fixed criteria as to whom we […]

Be the stalker you were meant to be!!! ;)

  This March, add some musical notes to you life!! The 30th consecutive Winter Music Conference is being held at the Deauville Beach Resort, Miami Beach, from the 24th of March to the 28th of March, 2015. This annual event is a crucial platform for the advancement of the music […]

“WMC”- Winter Music Conference- Where Music Comes to life!!!!!!

Whenever one thinks of “Miami”, a scenic vista of gorgeous beaches, and a riveting experience of hip and happening nightlife is what immediately comes to mind. But the city has a lot..a LOT..more to offer! Don’t be bedazzled by the glitz and gloss of Miami’s party life! Its rich arts […]

Magical Miami

As soon as a baby is born, he is bombarded with a whole load of expectations his family and the society has in store for him. He grows under the keen eye of his family and relations who expect him to study well, get good grades, graduate from a high […]

Comedy- COmplete reMEDY for day-to-day tensions and anxieties

Nearify Events
We were bored one weekend. Lot of time in hand but no clue about what to do. Despite scanning several websites we could not find anything interesting to do. No website was helpful in suggesting us events we could attend. In order to solve this problem and make discovering events […]

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