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And it’s here again, none other than the weekend *not that it’s something new, but definitely the term weekend in itself gives that uff feeling to everyone out there*. The time of the week which needs the most planning and the least effort to do what we ‘actually’ wish doing. […]


Party Time Beer
Each day we wait for the weekend & each weekend we wait for another, and another and this wait circle continues. Entering weekend we begin to think of new places to explore, a place where we can chill, concentrate on our own selves, and if required spend some good time […]


Life is how you make it. Enjoy every bit of it and you’ll love it, keep thinking about the negatives you are going to hate it. Your perceptions about things around you is what makes you happy or sad. There have been constant endeavors by human beings to enjoy themselves […]

Life as you know it!!

Who does not like arts and craft. Who doesn’t admire good art, who doesn’t believe in spending some peaceful time along with some new and innovative things happening around. So here’s a delight to all of you out there in Vegas- the city of joy and entertainment. The Artisan Craft […]

Art & Craft!

APPULSE 2016, a three day annual commerce festival of Kirori Mal College, Commerce Department, is all set to begin from 2nd March and continue till 4th March. Continuing with the legacy of putting up the best show, the festival is an amazing blend of Innovation, Ideas, Business, Knowledge, Management, Marketing […]

APPULSE 2016!!

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is among the top higher education institutes in India. Spread across the country, the set of institutes keep coming up with some or the other ground-breaking ways of showcasing and highlighting the talent of the youth all across the country. IIT Madras is one […]

Shaastra 2016!!!

Break!! A common word for every uncommon person!!! Nobody likes to follow the same routine everyday. We all need a change to rejuvenate ourselves and be back to life. Our mind is a stubborn creature, all it needs is refreshing at regular time intervals. Therefore, the term ‘Break’ was invented, […]

Forever young & beautiful!!

It has all begun. Parties, parties and more parties. The best way to bid farewell to an old episode of our lives and welcome a new one with a whole lot of hopes and good wishes. Party like crazy and forget all the negatives of the past year. *ohhh…2015, thanks […]

New Year Happy 2016!!

For the best time of the year is here. Yaaaayyyy ITS CHRISTMAS!! The chill of the winter season, the merry sound of bells ringing, the red color all around, the delicious cakes and chocolates, the eagerly wait for Mr. Santa, the never-ending list of demands, the festival of Christmas is […]


Ohhh…that’s the most ugliest sweater I have. I’ll rather throw it. No no no no…it’s time for UGLY SWEATER. Throwing away your ugly sweaters is old fashioned. The new generation says, save it for the most amazing National Ugly Sweater Day. Falling every third Friday of December, Ugly sweater has […]

18th December-UgLy SwEaTeR it is!!!!

Food…Oh Food!!! Oh you are the most amazing thing on this planet. We all love food. It is one of those things we can’t live without. Some people are so foodie that they want to eat anything and everything that exists on earth. Interestingly, it is believed that certain food […]

Festival Food!!

Sleeping is the best past time and the bed is our true love. *I see this notion changing with time* Habitual sleeplessness is in general referred to as Insomnia. In ancient times this was the most uncommon issue people faced but as technology changed us, no sleep has become a […]


Each city in India has its own spark. Some have changed and taken up new colors while others hold their traditional veil and have managed to mesmerize us with their beauty. One such city is Chennai, situated beautifully in south India. Traditionally Chennai is aged to be around 375 years […]


Life is all about living. Each day has its own ups and downs. Your happiness maybe someone’s sorrow or the other way round. Each of us are different, yet we have somethings in common. The most common thing among all of us is Laughter- the only medicine to all problems. […]


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. -Henry Van Dyke The fourth Thursday (26th November-2015) of November every year is a day of feasting, and family. A day celebrated with much joy and […]


There is no limit to entertainment and no reason to enjoy!! For each one us out there, entertainment is a rainbow concept comprising of a wide spectrum of colors. The only thing that matters to us in this rainbow is how well to enjoy. With festivities round the corner, most […]

Xpressions 2015!!

The much awaited festivities are back. DIWALI., the festival of lights is celebrated with much zest and enthusiasm all over the world, especially in India. Lighting, sweets, enjoyment, entertainment, happiness, brightness is all around and each one is set to welcome Diwali with open arms. Factually, the festival of Diwali […]


The best time of the year is here. Time for celebrations and festivities. With Halloween this weekend its time to pull up your socks and get ready for some entertainment. Halloween is a festival celebrated every year on 31st October and is dedicated for remembering the dead, including saints,hallows (those […]

Happy Halloween!

Delhiites are all set to welcome the most awaited and the most colorful arts and culture festival of Delhi-Delhi International Arts Festival in its full swing. The stage is all set for the 9th edition of the amazing fortnight long festival to take Delhi for some extreme entertainment and fun. […]

Delhi International Arts Festival-2015

Run, run, run! Lots to catch and much more drop!!! Each one us want to be on top. With the least efforts we want everything, including our happiness. Rest can’t be guaranteed but happiness, enjoyment, entertainment is in your hands with Nearify. Interestingly, the best of the things can be […]

All about events!!!

Every person loves Fridays and so we all love rains. What better a combination of these two amazing things-rain on a Friday. We all love Fridays and moreover we love rains. Monsoon is always worth the wait as it brings so much joy and happiness to the hearts of everyone. […]


Everyone has heard about movies and actors but not a lot of people know about theater. Movies and theaters are more or less the same except the fact that both cater to different audiences and age groups. Theater is a way of expressing the views of different people combined all […]


We all are multitaskers. Especially our mothers, they know and can do everything from how to manage the house to how to make us happy to how to keep herself fit and active to whatever we may name. With time and our smartphones we all have also become capable of […]

Multiple eventing=Nearify!!!

Smile is that one thing that is just surreal and every person has a special smile and we mean “Everyone”. But making people smile is a very hard task and being good at it is even harder.It is essential for a person to smile as it not only relieves the […]

Stand-up Comedy!!!