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Ever felt bored, lonely or not wanting to do anything at all? The feeling of being lost in your own thoughts is both a great one and a sad one at the same time. Actually there is a huge difference between being lost in something and being lost for something. […]


All of us are born artists. We begin to draw from the age of 3 and keep it active till the end. All of us have those somethings in our minds which we want to get down on papers. Who thinks has the time to think and get those ideas […]

Artistic Art!!!

“I’m constantly making exhibitions in my head.”-Thelma Golden Art is way people express the feelings of their heart. Art is not just creating random patterns on paper but it is painting a canvas with the words one can feel but not say. One can only understand art but it takes […]

Art & Craft!!

    In the heat of rushing forward with the masses, somewhere along the line we have lost the time and the urge to stop and appreciate the finer things in life! We so want to be counted among the hip and the happening that we have made music and […]

Art for God’s sake!!