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Life is all about living. Each day has its own ups and downs. Your happiness maybe someone’s sorrow or the other way round. Each of us are different, yet we have somethings in common. The most common thing among all of us is Laughter- the only medicine to all problems. […]


Smile is that one thing that is just surreal and every person has a special smile and we mean “Everyone”. But making people smile is a very hard task and being good at it is even harder.It is essential for a person to smile as it not only relieves the […]

Stand-up Comedy!!!

Times spent as kids are memories we cherish throughout our lives. Remember those times when our parents used to make us stand in front of their friends and ask us to sing a song or a poem or at least a joke and we like little  idiots used to very […]

Laugh a little louder!!!!

Its easy to make a person cry but it takes a sack full of jokes to make someone laugh. A laughter, even a smile can help evaporate the day’s stress and make us realize the value of deriving happiness out of the ‘small things’ – perhaps the biggest joy! Nearify […]

Smile-it doesn’t cost anything!!!

Greater Boston is one of the most alive, youthful and energetic metros in the world – not surprising, considering that the place is  home to around 100 colleges and universities. And if you are a student or a young professional, there are stressful times too! – a few assignments here, […]

Where to catch some Stand-Up Comedy fun around Boston

As soon as a baby is born, he is bombarded with a whole load of expectations his family and the society has in store for him. He grows under the keen eye of his family and relations who expect him to study well, get good grades, graduate from a high […]

Comedy- COmplete reMEDY for day-to-day tensions and anxieties