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In our race to succeed we all have missed something or the other. From spending time with our parents to not being able to give adequate love and affection to your kids. Something or the other is always missing. A true saying is that, once a time goes it never […]


Looks like the weather god is finally happy on us. Its raining. Oh how much we all love rains and the best thing about rains is that it brings that smile on our faces which most other things cannot. Rains always make me remember those childhood days when making paper […]


A slight pour on our windows bring a lot of happiness on our faces. What more to it if it is pouring mixed with some cold breeze. Ohh what a beginning of Monday, Delhiites. Its time to forget the Monday blues and enjoy your day along with your daily work. […]


Each day is full of fun, excitement and a packet full of entertainment with Nearify. Imagine we have spent 182 days of the year not doing anything interesting. Where are we missing. With Nearify you can imagine yourself to be on a roller-coaster ride of events from music to party […]

Entertainment Guide!!!!

Your entertainment just got better!!!! Listening to your favorite artist live is always a dream. Imagine how would it be to be able to know and track the performances of your your favorite musician or comedian or theater performer or artist happening in and around your city. Sounds interesting. With […]

Entertainment Daily!!!!

Travelling and adventure are two terms complementary to one another. We all love to travel and so we want some or the other adventure in our lives. However happy we may look from inside we all know that there is some excitement missing from within. Something to do, somewhere to […]


As a kid, I wanted to learn singing and acting!!!!! Many of us out there may have that hidden thought in our minds and as we keep growing up this becomes a small yet faded dream. It were those times that we all have lived where people asked us our […]


We live in the 21st century where things have developed and so have the minds of the people . The ancient taboo of boys being superior has modified (not completely) and now even girls have that sky to set their limits and prove the world that they are not less […]

Why should boys have all the fun???

Ohhh, I am the most creative person in my family!!!! This is one of our favorite quotes to impress someone, when we know probably our best creative side is to sleep. Some of you out there may be very creative but for many out there creativity is just another word […]

Creative week-end!!!

Stilllife on the beach with sunglasses cocktail in coconut and flip flop
Hufff! Thanks to the one who created the calendar and made the best day ‘Friday’ in it. Its funny but true that some of us out there reach early to work on Friday’s so that we can finish our work early and begin with the weekend fun and entertainment. Weekdays […]

Weekend Vacation!!!

Adjustment and compromise are two sides of the same coin. Most of us have made some or the other type of adjustment somewhere or the other, may it be in terms of buying your favorite dress or eating that last slice of cake or anything. There has been a time […]

Daily Entertainer!!!

We all have become quite used to changes around us. Each and every time what we need is something or the other to add to entertainment into our lives. Imagine entertainment as your favorite cake and also imagine you keep adding something or another to make it more delicious every […]

Fun begins here!!!!