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Yoga meditation in temple
Sitting down for two minutes early in the morning and thinking nothing is possibly the best thing we can give ourselves. This whole practice is commonly termed as Meditation, which I am sure all of us know but very few of us actually follow. Meditation heals almost all problems like […]


Each one of us out there have a packed timetable to follow everyday. Late night working, eating junk, not getting enough sleep, skipping meals- all this has become our daily routine. In this extremely busy schedule, our health has taken a corner seat and is busy watching us give it […]

Health is wealth!!!!

Surprised?? Well, health is wealth, isn’t it? In fact, it’s the biggest wealth out there! You might have billions in your bank accounts, but what good will that money do if you die of obesity or high blood pressure or heart failure or other such ailment resulting from our increasingly […]

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