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God created man, and man created the beautiful cities and places for his enjoyment, relaxation and entertainment. The beauty of a place lies in the eyes of the viewer, but there are no two opinions on the fact that Miami is one of the most beautiful and the most vibrant […]


Its easy to make a person cry but it takes a sack full of jokes to make someone laugh. A laughter, even a smile can help evaporate the day’s stress and make us realize the value of deriving happiness out of the ‘small things’ – perhaps the biggest joy! Nearify […]

Smile-it doesn’t cost anything!!!

  This March, add some musical notes to you life!! The 30th consecutive Winter Music Conference is being held at the Deauville Beach Resort, Miami Beach, from the 24th of March to the 28th of March, 2015. This annual event is a crucial platform for the advancement of the music […]

“WMC”- Winter Music Conference- Where Music Comes to life!!!!!!

Whenever one thinks of “Miami”, a scenic vista of gorgeous beaches, and a riveting experience of hip and happening nightlife is what immediately comes to mind. But the city has a lot..a LOT..more to offer! Don’t be bedazzled by the glitz and gloss of Miami’s party life! Its rich arts […]

Magical Miami