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With the day in day out working schedule, life can, at times, become truly mundane. In the hectic daily routine, we all get so engrossed with our work that we somehow lose out on the good things in life. Let’s get up and say no to losing out on the […]

SING The Inner YOU Out!!

We live in the 21st century. Our lives are filled with technology and we are the least attached to traditional and culture. Things have changed from our lifestyle to our thoughts to our choices to preferences to almost everything. But there are still a lot of things which remain untouched […]


We would all agree to this simple fact that most of us have a hidden singer in us. This hidden singer of ours gets up either when we are taking a shower or when a song is played. It is indeed a stress buster to sing along famous tracks wherever […]


  This March, add some musical notes to you life!! The 30th consecutive Winter Music Conference is being held at the Deauville Beach Resort, Miami Beach, from the 24th of March to the 28th of March, 2015. This annual event is a crucial platform for the advancement of the music […]

“WMC”- Winter Music Conference- Where Music Comes to life!!!!!!

Music is the best and common medicine to any illness in the world. Great music makes you feel happy, delighted and at the very same time makes you fall in love with yourself with every passing moment. Music creates an invisible wall around us that takes you to a whole […]

Musical Fiesta