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Life is how you make it. Enjoy every bit of it and you’ll love it, keep thinking about the negatives you are going to hate it. Your perceptions about things around you is what makes you happy or sad. There have been constant endeavors by human beings to enjoy themselves […]

Life as you know it!!

Sleeping is the best past time and the bed is our true love. *I see this notion changing with time* Habitual sleeplessness is in general referred to as Insomnia. In ancient times this was the most uncommon issue people faced but as technology changed us, no sleep has become a […]


Run, run, run! Lots to catch and much more drop!!! Each one us want to be on top. With the least efforts we want everything, including our happiness. Rest can’t be guaranteed but happiness, enjoyment, entertainment is in your hands with Nearify. Interestingly, the best of the things can be […]

All about events!!!

We all are multitaskers. Especially our mothers, they know and can do everything from how to manage the house to how to make us happy to how to keep herself fit and active to whatever we may name. With time and our smartphones we all have also become capable of […]

Multiple eventing=Nearify!!!

Some common facts. Everyday has a new beginning and every night is the end to some evil within us. The morning sun brings in brightness into our lives and motivates us to do new and innovative things. It is indeed a great thing to enjoy what you are doing but […]


All of us grew up with that small pocket dictionary which gave us the meaning for all the words we wanted to know. But this dictionary never had the words ‘Weekdays’ or ‘Weekends’. These two are words have actually defined our lives. Each of us have that clear set of […]

Entertainment thinker!

With time, people change and so do their and the meaning of entertainment. Our definition of entertainment has reached to an altogether new level that we all like to do crazy and insane things. So here are 10 things as your entertainment dose for you to enjoy anywhere and at […]

Things to do!

You always think that people who invented new things during their time left it for us to study and no one likes to study those things. But there is one such great thing namely “weekends “which brings a smile right across the face of any person on the face of […]


Wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday!! None of us like Mondays!! To be very honest nobody wants to see Monday on the calander. Mondays are mundane, tuedays are tedious, Wednesdays are wacky. By Thursday the weekend sun starts rising and finally the Fun filled Fridays arrive. All […]

Happy Weekdays!!