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Party Time Beer
Each day we wait for the weekend & each weekend we wait for another, and another and this wait circle continues. Entering weekend we begin to think of new places to explore, a place where we can chill, concentrate on our own selves, and if required spend some good time […]


New Year
Make this New Year a happening one that brings a smile when the time comes to remember it with fondness.

Party On!!!

Its summer time guys and the heat is killing. But the sun’s scorching heat goes to nothing when it comes to enjoy pool parties happening in and around you. Imagine a day filled with poolside enjoyment, beer, drinks, dance, music, meeting new people, lots and lots of  lots of entertainment. […]


Friends are the best part of our lives. Whenever we need them they are there for our rescue. But we all have that one friend or a bunch of them who cancel plans at the last minute. This cancellation is actually very annoying and irritating. One interesting way to keep […]


“Sit down and study”- No! Don’t feel like “Wanna party??”-I’ll be ready in 2!! Party is the favorite word we all have in our dictionary. We may not know about what is currently happening around us but we all will know about the  latest party hubs. Call us nerdy, give […]

Party freaks!!