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Alliance 2016
William Shakespeare the Poet, English Playwright and actor is considered one of the greatest English writers of all time. In his short career span he had written approximately 38 plays which have been adapted over the years in various forms by numerous productions and are still celebrated widely. Now, Prism […]

Alliance 2016 – Theatre Festival

Everyone has heard about movies and actors but not a lot of people know about theater. Movies and theaters are more or less the same except the fact that both cater to different audiences and age groups. Theater is a way of expressing the views of different people combined all […]


They say; a picture speaks louder than a thousand words, so one can imagine what a act compiled from a million pictures and illustrations can do. Theater is a platform for people to learn, adapt and portray different impacting scenarios. It is a series of acts performed with the motive […]


The famous quote by William Shakespeare compares the world with a stage and all of us mere players who play their part each day as a different character. Your characters are defined and so are the roles of all the others but it is always a great pleasure to watch […]

Theatre-The world stage!!