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Party Time Beer
Each day we wait for the weekend & each weekend we wait for another, and another and this wait circle continues. Entering weekend we begin to think of new places to explore, a place where we can chill, concentrate on our own selves, and if required spend some good time […]


For the best time of the year is here. Yaaaayyyy ITS CHRISTMAS!! The chill of the winter season, the merry sound of bells ringing, the red color all around, the delicious cakes and chocolates, the eagerly wait for Mr. Santa, the never-ending list of demands, the festival of Christmas is […]


Ohhh…that’s the most ugliest sweater I have. I’ll rather throw it. No no no no…it’s time for UGLY SWEATER. Throwing away your ugly sweaters is old fashioned. The new generation says, save it for the most amazing National Ugly Sweater Day. Falling every third Friday of December, Ugly sweater has […]

18th December-UgLy SwEaTeR it is!!!!

Each city in India has its own spark. Some have changed and taken up new colors while others hold their traditional veil and have managed to mesmerize us with their beauty. One such city is Chennai, situated beautifully in south India. Traditionally Chennai is aged to be around 375 years […]


AsiaMerlionSingapore Cropped
The Lion City- Singapore is one of the most talked about tourist destinations in Asia. The city holds some of the great monuments and a rich cultural heritage. Some of the great places to visit in Singapore are Santosa Island, Universal Studios, Singapore, Under Water world and many many more. […]


Who doesn’t like pampering?? I love it when my parents pamper me or I even like pampering myself. It is always great to get that special time for yourself to be at your best and enjoy doing what makes you happy. Each of you out there have a totally different […]

It’s pampering time!!