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The famous quote by William Shakespeare compares the world with a stage and all of us mere players who play their part each day as a different character. Your characters are defined and so are the roles of all the others but it is always a great pleasure to watch […]

Theatre-The world stage!!

Las Vegas-the one destination each one us would want to visit in our lifetime. Vegas is one of the most beautiful and the most active city in Nevada, United States. From concerts to comedy shows to theatre to movies to the famous parties, the city lists itself as the Entertainment […]

Vegas-The sin-city of the world!!

Whenever one thinks of “Miami”, a scenic vista of gorgeous beaches, and a riveting experience of hip and happening nightlife is what immediately comes to mind. But the city has a lot..a LOT..more to offer! Don’t be bedazzled by the glitz and gloss of Miami’s party life! Its rich arts […]

Magical Miami

Greater Boston is one of the most alive, youthful and energetic metros in the world – not surprising, considering that the place is  home to around 100 colleges and universities. And if you are a student or a young professional, there are stressful times too! – a few assignments here, […]

Where to catch some Stand-Up Comedy fun around Boston