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And it’s here again, none other than the weekend *not that it’s something new, but definitely the term weekend in itself gives that uff feeling to everyone out there*. The time of the week which needs the most planning and the least effort to do what we ‘actually’ wish doing. […]


Every person loves Fridays and so we all love rains. What better a combination of these two amazing things-rain on a Friday. We all love Fridays and moreover we love rains. Monsoon is always worth the wait as it brings so much joy and happiness to the hearts of everyone. […]


Ever felt like complaining about the concept of the Weekdays. A majority of us out there dislike weekdays but there is one weekday which is worth the wait as it gives you access to the extravagant and much awaited weekend. OH that feeling when you know that your weekend is […]


Weekend or work-end, whatever you wish you can call them. They are the best two days of the week. With Ohhh no getting up early tomorrow to all plans with friends to catching up the long lost gossips to the fun and entertainment to short or long trips to so […]

Work-end or Week-end!!!

Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week. By the time the weekend sun rises we are all set with some great plans for the weekend in our heads. Each one of us make the best efforts to enjoy our weekend but it is always a tedious task […]