There are some tunes to which we just can't help but dance. Some tunes which have you swaying around with the music, some tunes which have you tapping your feet to the beat, and then there are some which simply make you want to get off your seats and start dancing (perhaps even like crazy).

I Like to Move It Move It!!!

Sleeping is the best past time and the bed is our true love. *I see this notion changing with time* Habitual sleeplessness is in general referred to as Insomnia. In ancient times this was the most uncommon issue people faced but as technology changed us, no sleep has become a […]


Each city in India has its own spark. Some have changed and taken up new colors while others hold their traditional veil and have managed to mesmerize us with their beauty. One such city is Chennai, situated beautifully in south India. Traditionally Chennai is aged to be around 375 years […]


fashion photography 2
Perfectionism is something we few try to achieve. Be it in any aspect. And some people, more so than others, have the urge to figure out the perfect ensemble. They have this habit of picturing the look, the complete look, and they will twist and tweak things till it all comes together and every element is there for a reason.

Chin up!

winter sunrise
Chilly winter mornings when you can you go out in your balconies and enjoy a steaming cup of morning tea or coffee and just get lost in the beautiful winter sunrise !! :D


Life is all about living. Each day has its own ups and downs. Your happiness maybe someone’s sorrow or the other way round. Each of us are different, yet we have somethings in common. The most common thing among all of us is Laughter- the only medicine to all problems. […]


The world of COLOURS!!!


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse. -Henry Van Dyke The fourth Thursday (26th November-2015) of November every year is a day of feasting, and family. A day celebrated with much joy and […]


There is no limit to entertainment and no reason to enjoy!! For each one us out there, entertainment is a rainbow concept comprising of a wide spectrum of colors. The only thing that matters to us in this rainbow is how well to enjoy. With festivities round the corner, most […]

Xpressions 2015!!

The much awaited festivities are back. DIWALI., the festival of lights is celebrated with much zest and enthusiasm all over the world, especially in India. Lighting, sweets, enjoyment, entertainment, happiness, brightness is all around and each one is set to welcome Diwali with open arms. Factually, the festival of Diwali […]


Calming sound of the Rustling of leaves. Comfortable winds blowing the hair out of your face. Fresh clean air to breath and crisp greenery in all direction to feast your eyes on. All these conditions make it a perfect time to go out on trekking or hiking trips.


To all those who sit back and enjoy those cooking shows (and wish you had all that food right in front of you). To all those who are ready to go far and wide just to get a taste of that much raved about dish. For all those who like to experiment with their food and want to know how to create your favorite recipes to satiate your taste buds.To all those who ,once get a phantom whiff or taste of a dish, just cannot get their minds off it, unless they have had it. To all those with all those cravings. There is a solution.


The best time of the year is here. Time for celebrations and festivities. With Halloween this weekend its time to pull up your socks and get ready for some entertainment. Halloween is a festival celebrated every year on 31st October and is dedicated for remembering the dead, including saints,hallows (those […]

Happy Halloween!

With the day in day out working schedule, life can, at times, become truly mundane. In the hectic daily routine, we all get so engrossed with our work that we somehow lose out on the good things in life. Let’s get up and say no to losing out on the […]

SING The Inner YOU Out!!

Delhiites are all set to welcome the most awaited and the most colorful arts and culture festival of Delhi-Delhi International Arts Festival in its full swing. The stage is all set for the 9th edition of the amazing fortnight long festival to take Delhi for some extreme entertainment and fun. […]

Delhi International Arts Festival-2015

Run, run, run! Lots to catch and much more drop!!! Each one us want to be on top. With the least efforts we want everything, including our happiness. Rest can’t be guaranteed but happiness, enjoyment, entertainment is in your hands with Nearify. Interestingly, the best of the things can be […]

All about events!!!

Every person loves Fridays and so we all love rains. What better a combination of these two amazing things-rain on a Friday. We all love Fridays and moreover we love rains. Monsoon is always worth the wait as it brings so much joy and happiness to the hearts of everyone. […]


Everyone has heard about movies and actors but not a lot of people know about theater. Movies and theaters are more or less the same except the fact that both cater to different audiences and age groups. Theater is a way of expressing the views of different people combined all […]


We all are multitaskers. Especially our mothers, they know and can do everything from how to manage the house to how to make us happy to how to keep herself fit and active to whatever we may name. With time and our smartphones we all have also become capable of […]

Multiple eventing=Nearify!!!

Smile is that one thing that is just surreal and every person has a special smile and we mean “Everyone”. But making people smile is a very hard task and being good at it is even harder.It is essential for a person to smile as it not only relieves the […]

Stand-up Comedy!!!

In our race to succeed we all have missed something or the other. From spending time with our parents to not being able to give adequate love and affection to your kids. Something or the other is always missing. A true saying is that, once a time goes it never […]


Looks like the weather god is finally happy on us. Its raining. Oh how much we all love rains and the best thing about rains is that it brings that smile on our faces which most other things cannot. Rains always make me remember those childhood days when making paper […]


Some common facts. Everyday has a new beginning and every night is the end to some evil within us. The morning sun brings in brightness into our lives and motivates us to do new and innovative things. It is indeed a great thing to enjoy what you are doing but […]


Ever felt bored, lonely or not wanting to do anything at all? The feeling of being lost in your own thoughts is both a great one and a sad one at the same time. Actually there is a huge difference between being lost in something and being lost for something. […]